Our XML and fully integrated solutions

Encore has developed an XML interface giving live access to London theatres inventory. The flexibility of this interface allows us to deal with different rates structure enabling us to offer to our partners different options such as net or commissionable rates.

How does it work?

We give access to our partners to our XML feeds (see below) so you can publish the most up to date show content and information on your website. When it comes to get the availability and rates for a given show on a given date, you can simply use the XML interface to query our reservation system and display the results in your own website or reservation system. Seat numbers are provided before purchase and an auto-generated booking confirmation is sent to your customers. At this stage, seat numbers have been reserved and confirmed with the theatre and we will fulfill any after sales related queries.

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Encore was the first theatre ticket agency to pioneer XML feeds. We can provide you with XML feed including posters, production images, videos, and descriptions for all west end shows and venues. Also available are our special offers feed which allow our partner to publish our best ticket offers and meal packages on their website.

There are many ways in which an XML solution can be implemented, and we would suggest that you contact us now to further discuss your business requirements and being giving access to an online demonstration.

Features summary

  • All the functionalities of white label solutions integrated in your own reservation system
  • Access to our complete product portfolio within your website or your reservation platform
  • Secure online booking
  • Seat numbers confirmed with the theatres at time of booking
  • Maintain your branding
  • Different payment options
  • Net or commissionable rates
  • Attractive commission levels
  • XML feeds
  • After sales service
  • Multilingual

Apply now

Signing up for our online booking systems is easy and quick - please contact us at with your details and requirements and we will send you all relevant forms and information.

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